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“We wait for the magical moment - sometime in the future - when everything will be as we want it to be.  However,  Life is available only in the present moment” ~ Thich Naht Hanh

About Section

Counselling & Coaching in Vernon BC

Brent Enridge,  MSW, RSW

I am a Registered Social Worker who practices clinical counselling in Vernon, BC. I'm focused on being a compassionate individual and am committed to creating a safe space where people can explore their experiences. By combining evidence-based therapies, motivational tactics and intuition, we can approach your mental health in a dynamic way.

Valhalla has taken on several meanings (depending on which super-hero you ask), but for me and my Nordic roots, it is a symbolic place of mental and emotional well being that is a result of processing our experiences and resolving fears, a reward for a life well-lived.  With guidance and encouragement, we can heal our fears and traumas, allowing ourselves the opportunity to experience peace of mind, reconciliation and joy.  

Mountains are also used in mindfulness to represent stability, quietude and the state of being unmoved by turmoil and external circumstances.

~ I Can Work With You On...

~ Addictions

~ Athletic Performance & Fitness

~ Anxiety

~ Depression

~ Emotional Regulation

~ Focus & Concentration

~ Goal Setting & Achieving

~ Grief

~ Mental Health Disorders

~ Mindfulness

~ Motivation


~ Reactivity

~ Self Awareness

~ Trauma

~ Understanding your thoughts & behaviours

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